360 Degree View of the Customer

360 Degree View of the Customer

Know all that is possible about your customer with a 360-degree view…

The key to effective customer engagement is having a clear and complete picture of each customer’s preferences and behaviors, viewed in context. In today’s digital world of data excess, creating and dynamically updating that cohesive picture is daunting. How can you bring it all together to create a 360-degree customer view?

‘Delivering on the 360 degree view is not simply about having a unified database of all activity, but rather it is about being able to pull together the pieces of information that are relevant at the time in which they are needed’

In the absence of a single unified access point, the customer experience is compromised and sales and service professionals waste an enormous amount of time searching for information while the customer waits for appropriate action.

In short, the maxim ‘less is more’ is highly appropriate here. The key is in having access to the right data – and only the right data – at the right time, in the right place. ‘Many MDM projects are designed to improve business intelligence data, analytics, and reporting, yet fall short

Edgematics offers MDM that provides a complete solution for managing multi-domain master data and related relationship hierarchies, ensuring the timely delivery of highly accurate and reliable data to business intelligence, analytical, and reporting systems. With this single source of consolidated and reliable data, analysts can trust the reports generated by their systems and executives can make decisions with confidence, improving business performance.

Edgematics can help customers; See the entire customer Build a dynamic, integrated customer view, extracting, cleansing and matching data from virtually any source structured or unstructured.

Safeguard control of their data

No need to upload and trap all your data into our system. Edgematics helps create and maintain the 360-degree customer view, but it’s always your data and your database. Do anything with it you want.

Streamline Customer Data Management
Get the job done faster and more easily. Take advantage of a graphical user interface, pre-built and user-buildable functions, automation and operational notifications. Succeed where other products have failed you.

With Enhanced 360º View of the Customer, you can:

  • Improve campaign effectiveness
  • Accurate, targeted cross-sell / up-sell
  • Retain your most profitable customers
  • Deliver superior customer experience at the point of service
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