Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

Edgematics offers business intelligence architecture and design services to companies of all sizes. Our DW/BI architecture and design services encompass the wide range of logical and physical architecture.

The design of an effective Business Intelligence Architecture needs an in depth analysis of end user needs and requirements. In order to build business intelligence (BI) systems for reporting and data analytics it must be designed to organize the data, manage the information and technology components.

The efficacy of the Business Intelligence Architecture is crucial to the Business Intelligence Project since its development and implementation decisions and success to a large extent, depends on it.

Our Comprehensive data warehousing and business intelligence and design services cater to companies of all sizes. Our specialized BI architects will provide you with an overall BI Platform design to meet both your business and technical requirements. Our DW/ BI architecture and design services encompass the full range of mapping out the logical and physical architecture for data and integration to designing the processes of dimension modeling, physical modeling, ETL design, OLAP cubes, predictive analytics and report/ dashboard development. We ensure that the overall BI Platform design meets the business and technical requirements.

Our design and architecture process results in a detailed technical design document which can be utilized as a Blueprint for the development and implementation of your BI solution. The design document includes the following:

  • Logical & Physical Architecture
  • Tools & Technologies
  • Data Extraction and Transformation
  • Analytical Reports
  • Dashboard Design
  • Star Schema/ Snowflake Schema Design
  • Data Model

Edgematics’ vast experience in the design and architecture of flexible, extensible and scalable BI solutions will help leverage your existing infrastructure and enhance and meet your business and IT requirements. Our Business Intelligence Architecture transforms raw transaction data into a coherent and consistent set of information that makes sense to end users. We aid you in transforming data transactions into intelligent information through processes of data integration, data cleansing, creation of data dimensions and business rules.

The framework of the business architecture houses the presentation of information to users which comprises technology components such as the BI software suite or BI tools, the supporting IT infrastructure.

The reporting components of BI applications can consist of Adhoc query, data mining, data visualization, OLAP software, business intelligence dashboards and scorecards.

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