BI Adoption

Edgematics' offers “ROBII” – that has helped many companies realign their BI investments, increase adoption and improve infrastructure performance by measuring the usage and performance of their BI tools, applications and reports.
Managing ROI for BI
User Adoption
  • How many people use system?
  • What is penetration in different areas/regions of organization?
User Retention
  • How many are regular users?
  • What is change in user engagement over time?
Usage & Non-Usage
  • What reports are used?
  • What reports are not used? 
  • What is the frequency & pattern of usage over time?
Improved planning & decisions
  • What new reports, changes implemented and usage impact?
  • What is the cost of maintaining reports not used over time?
  • What is the impact of new report/change on existing users, reports?
  • Which reports are duplicates or overlap in functionality?
  • Which reports/queries have degrading performance? 
  • What is the source for reported metric?
Key Features and Benefits: 
  • Unified Adoption Analytics – Single Platform built for tracking BI adoption across BI technology landscape & analytic applications
  • Cost Analysis – BI adoption information coupled with costs-investments provides insights for cost-benefit analysis to drive roadmap & enterprise-wide BI success
  • Impact Analysis – Analyze how BI configuration changes affect Users, Reports, & Dashboards
  • Data Provenance – Data lineage from report to table column, dimensions & measures analysis
  • Report Overlap Analysis – Identify potential overlap in reports 
  • User Adoption & Engagement – Analyze End user usage & experience across BI stack & applications
  • Ease of Deployment – Out of the box functionality and easy to install, configure and manage
  • Standalone or Integrated Deployment – Choice of standalone implementation with ease of use interface & offline analysis capabilities OR integrated deployment leverages existing BI technology
  • Performance Monitor – Analyze query & database performance statistics across BI deployments
  • Capacity Planning – Analyze data usage and proactively plan for user/db growth 
  • ROBII Heuristics – Analyze data ,patterns over time and build ranking, correlations for deeper insights
  • Product upgrades – New functionalities are added continually based on multiple customer inputs


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