Taqeef Case Study

Edgematics helps Taqeef to ramp up its Data Analysis with Tableau Software
From Opinion-Based Decisions to Data-Driven Decisions
Customer Profile
For 38 years, in a region where the quality of air is integral to living and working, Taqeef has pioneered the air-conditioning industry, together with leading international brands such as Fujitsu General, Midea, Mdv, Cooline and Sampo. Established in 1972 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Taqeef has touched every fabric of society and communities from homes to offices, schools to mosques, government institutions to private corporations. Taqeef comprises Saya Trading in Abu Dhabi, Electronic Appliances in Al Ain, Taqeef in Ras Al Khaimah and Taqeef in Dubai.
Customer Case Description
Taqeef was looking for a new BI technology that would provide insight into their existing data to impart data-driven decision making across the organization. After examining several business intelligence solution options, the organization chose to go with Tableau Software because of its advanced visualization and ease of use. With Tableau in hand, Taqeef sought expert help in getting their data initiatives off the ground. This included the right mix of consulting along with some amount of Tableau training. They needed assistance from a Tableau partner that fully understands how to implement lasting data analysis solutions in Tableau.
The Solution
Edgematics business intelligence consultants stepped in and evaluated Taqeef’s specific needs. Server requirements were quickly analyzed, and a strategy for onsite consultation was developed. They met with Taqeef’s key staff and discussed the goals of data exploration, how to obtain the data, and how to prototype customized dashboards. They then constructed a data environment optimized for Tableau. The ad-hoc consulting provided by Edgematics ensured a successful implementation. In order to give Taqeef rapid results, Edgematics implemented a detailed, hands on Tableau training workshop to train staff and provided some assistance on building visualizations with Tableau.
Edgematics enabled Taqeef to go from analyzing disjointed data to visualizing it effortlessly in Tableau. They now had Tableau dashboards not only for analytical purposes but also for strategic purposes. C-level dashboards to daily reports are now being generated in Tableau. Tableau’s integrated mobile experience now connected them to insight from anywhere, using iPads. Tableau training from Edgematics not only enabled Taqeef to tackle their current data goals; it also opened the door for them to explore a number of new opportunities for analysis in Tableau. Being able to transform data into actionable insights has now enabled Taqeef to move from opinion-based decisions to data-driven decisions.
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