University of Dubai Case Study

Edgematics helps University of Dubai to ramp up its Data Analysis with Tableau Software

Ten Times the Analysis in Half the Time, with Half the Staff
Customer Profile
The University of Dubai (UD) is a student-centered institution whose primary mission is providing quality education. New students become part of a university made up of welcoming classmates from diverse backgrounds. Students and faculty at UD provide a supportive atmosphere whose main focus is student success. By offering affordable tuition rates and having small class sizes in a convenient location, the University of Dubai offers a competitive alternative to other higher learning institutions in the region. UD’s international accreditations, AACSB and ABET, are a gold standard in the field of higher education. With its rigorous but real-world curriculum, UD students are groomed to be leaders of tomorrow, whatever their background.
Customer Case Description
The University of Dubai was considering a massive overhaul of its data evaluation process, driven by their Director of IT. With the ultimate goal of creating a central data warehouse from multiple source systems, and clarifying data for the end user, implementing a new business intelligence solution would potentially be a colossal undertaking. After examining several business intelligence solution options, the school chose to go with Tableau Software. With Tableau in hand, UD sought expert help in getting their data initiatives off the ground. This included some amount of Tableau training along with the right mix of consulting, to create the proper data structures to be brought into Tableau. They needed assistance from someone that fully understands how to implement lasting data analysis solutions in Tableau.
The Solution
Edgematics’ business intelligence consultants stepped in to evaluate University of Dubai’s specific needs. Server requirements were quickly analyzed, and a strategy for onsite consultation was developed. The Edgematics consultants met with ten units within the university, and discussed the goals of data exploration, how to obtain the data, and how to prototype customized dashboards. The primary focus was to provide consistency across the school and easy access from anywhere in the world. After applying this technical knowledge, they also helped build final reports in keeping with Tableau best practices. The project gained momentum quickly, and in order to maintain momentum and give the University of Dubai rapid results, Edgematics implemented a detailed, hands on training workshop to train school faculty and staff.
Shortly after training, faculty and staff were churning out their own reports, and exploring the capabilities of Tableau on their own. Edgematics’ training and consulting approach emphasized the capabilities of self-service and user-adoption development with Tableau. It wasn’t long until Edgematics began working with other groups throughout the organization, showing how Tableau could help them. This organization-wide adoption of Tableau, fostered by Edgematics, has streamlined the way UD makes data-based decisions. UD now gets ten times the analysis done in half the time, with half the staff.
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