Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub

Great information drives success. It helps you engage better with your customers and solve tough business challenges. Build an enterprise data hub with Cloudera Enterprise and unlock the hidden value in your data.

Hadoop is just the beginning to building your data management strategy. With Cloudera, you can add the security, governance, and management functions you need to create an enterprise-grade foundation for your data.
With a foundation of 100% open source software and open standards, Cloudera’s platform delivers more flexibility, more cost control, and better results for your business.

Cloudera Enterprise

“Cloudera Enterprise lets you focus on results.”
Imagine what your business could do if all your data were collected in one centralized, secure, fully-governed place that any department can access anytime, anywhere.

Build an enterprise data hub with Cloudera and transform your data into insights. A subscription to Cloudera Enterprise is the first step toward building your own EDH.

Fast for Business

Performance is the key to unlocking the potential of unlimited data. With the most powerful open source access frameworks, like Apache Spark for developer-friendly data processing and Apache Impala (incubating) for high-performance SQL, you’ll get results faster with Cloudera Enterprise than with any other data platform. Cloudera also includes the only native Hadoop Search engine and provides active data optimization for fast success.

Easy to Manage

The Hadoop ecosystem is complex and constantly changing. Cloudera Manager is the easiest way to administer Hadoop in any environment, with advanced features like intelligent configuration defaults, customized monitoring, and robust troubleshooting. Combined with predictive maintenance included in our Support Data Hub, Cloudera Enterprise keeps you up and running. For hybrid cloud environments, Cloudera Director enables dynamic management of Hadoop clusters in your choice of cloud environment.

Secure without Compromise

Of course, more data and more access mean more risk. Cloudera Navigator provides everything your organization needs to keep sensitive data safe and secure—while still meeting compliance requirements. Cloudera partners with Intel, and within the community, to deliver security without compromising flexibility or performance. The world’s leading financial, telecommunications, and government institutions trust Cloudera Enterprise to protect their sensitive data.

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