Data lake Solutions

Data lake Solutions

Edgematics’ delivers governed data lake solutions that provide the agility and flexibility a data-powered business needs to support advanced analytics and business insights.

Whether you’re focused on reducing IT costs, improving customer satisfaction, or engaging on full-blown digital business transformations, Edgematics’ provides the software to simplify, the services to optimize and the support required to excel at scale as a data-powered business.

We can help you:

  • Access more data sources in more formats than ever before
  • Maximize your developers’ time on innovation, not maintenance
  • Reduce your big data skills gap
  • Prepare and present data for use in your existing business intelligence tools

Integrated Self-Service Data Platform for Cloud and Hybrid Environments

To accelerate time to insight and value, you need a single, unified platform that automates data management, cataloging, governance and self-service to produce a scalable, actionable data lake. Edgematics has partnered with Zaloni to offer The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) that is comprehensive, integrated solution that operationalizes data processes along the entire pipeline from data source to data consumer.

The platform is distribution agnostic and ready where you are: the cloud, on-premises, multi-cloud or hybrid.

Supporting your business goals and digital transformation strategies, Zaloni’s platform enables an enterprise-wide DataOps approach, aligning data stakeholders and balancing governance with self-service data access and preparation to improve collaboration, reduce time to insight, and incorporate data into everyday business practices.

  • An integrated platform for everyone who touches the data
  • Self-service data catalog provides governed access to data across the organization
  • Automation of repeatable management tasks and processes
  • Ability to centrally manage all enterprise data sources regardless of location: On-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership across infrastructure, data, and labor

Discover how you can get more from an operationalized data lake.

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