Data Quality

Data Quality

Edgematics’ solution for data quality ensures that authoritative and trustworthy data is available to all stakeholders and data domains, for all projects and business applications, enabling your company to trust all of its data, for all its needs, at all times. With pervasive data quality, enterprise data becomes trusted data, ensuring success in key strategic initiatives, including Data Warehousing, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance and Enterprise Applications.

Built on an Enterprise Platform the solution for data quality empowers line-of-business managers, data stewards, and business analysts to collaborate in addressing enterprise data quality. By making the business more self-sufficient and IT more productive, data quality improvement can become an enterprise-wide focus, greatly reducing dependence on scarce IT resources while driving better business outcomes.

Edgematics’s Data Quality engagement provides a strong basis from which you can build and expand data quality within your enterprise. Architecture, installation, configuration and processes based on best practices and a proven methodology will ensure that you are prepared to effectively deploy Data Quality across the enterprise. Over the duration of the engagement, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Data Quality professionals.

In addition, you will learn to analyze and enhance the quality of your data based on your specific initiatives and goals. Collaborate with our consultant on a concrete set of steps to further improve your data and generate a real return on your investment in Edgematics Data Quality.

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