Enterprise Data Warehousing

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Edgematics provides a solution for Enterprise data warehousing that empowers your IT team to easily adapt to changing business requirements and can provide your business with the data it needs for:

  • Deeper competitive insights
  • Faster decision-making abilities
  • More comprehensive visibility across business units
  • Greater transparency for regulatory compliance

The solution consists of:

  • Data Integration Platform for accessing, discovering, cleansing, and integrating all enterprise data from a single, unified platform that’s secure, reliable, and highly scalable
  • Analytical Platform to help you gain insights into your data in near-real time by running queries 50x-1,000x faster than legacy products, and that helps you store 10x-30x more data per server than row databases with patented columnar compression.
  • Self-service Business Intelligence solution equips anyone to analyze data quickly. Its intuitive user interface means there’s no need for canned reports, dashboard widgets, or templates to get started. All you need is your data and the questions you want to answer.
  • A proven implementation methodology that aligns IT teams with the business to implement data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects consistently, rapidly, and cost-effectively
  • Edgematics Professional Services to help your IT organization quickly configure data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects for maximum flexibility.


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