ERwin® Data Modeler

ERwin Data Modeler is an industry-leading data modeling solution that provides a simple, visual interface to manage your complex data environment. The ERwin Data Modeler family of products is made up of a number of distinct editions that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of audiences across the organization. Choose the Edition that’s right for you.

Standard Edition

ERwin® Data Modeler Standard Edition is an industry-leading data modeling solution that allows you to manage enterprise data through an intuitive, graphical interface.

Workgroup Edition

ERwin® Data Modeler Workgroup Edition is designed for collaborative modeling for teams of data modelers. It provides conflict resolution, versioning, security and standardization for multi-user modeling. Through a central model repository, model assets can be inventoried and re-used across the organization.

Navigator Edition

ERwin® Data Modeler Navigator Edition provides read-only access to ERwin data models and modeling metadata. It provides discovery, visualization and analysis capabilities for those in the organization who need to view and evaluate modeling information, but not create or edit models.

Community Edition

ERwin® Data Modeler Community Edition is a free, entry-level data modeling tool that is a subset of the ERwin Data Modeler Standard Edition product. It is a great way for students and those new to modeling to get started with an industry-leading data modeling tool. It offers many of the core features of data modeling with a limit of 25 model objects.

For Microsoft SQL Azure

ERwin® Data Modeler for Microsoft® SQL Azure™ is a single platform version of the ERwin data modeling solution. It can be used on its own to manage MS SQL Azure-only environments, or as an add-on to an existing edition of ERwin Data Modeler to provide a powerful way to visualize and manage data from multiple sources across the organization, whether on-premise or in the cloud

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