HP Vertica Analytical Platform for Tableau

HP Vertica Analytical Platform for Tableau

Vertica & Tableau – Real-Time Big Data, Visualized

As the markets have demonstrated, those organizations capable of monetizing ALL of their data in real-time — structured, semi-structured, and unstructured — have been rewarded with generous valuations and financial success. A common theme amongst these revolutionary companies is a reliance upon 21st century data management platforms – Vertica and Tableau. These companies have harnessed the power and flexibility of Vertica and Tableau to visualize trends and behaviors with industry leading performance, flexibility, and scale. The power of our joint solutions lies within the capability to deliver advanced, complex analytics to all users on any device, driving the democratization of data and Analytics Everywhere.

Deeper Insights = Greater Value
Most analytic platforms are limited to structured data and require the use of summary data, cubes, or subsets of the raw data which ultimately dilute the value and insights possible. With the Vertica Analytics Platform, companies are empowered to analyze all of their data while maintaining detail level granularity and applying advanced analytics, including geospatial, statistical, time-series, pattern matching, and an SDK for custom procedural programming. These unique capabilities facilitate actionable insights – the ability to engage and take action upon information while it maintains relevance and value, leading Vertica customers to separate themselves from the pack by getting value from “massive skyscraper sized chunks of data.” Some of the most innovative companies in the world rely on Vertica to create data assets their competitors, using traditional data warehouses or legacy analytics platforms, simply can’t match.

  • Tableau helps extend this lead with visual analysis by providing:
  • Seamless integration with Vertica through an optimized, live connector
  • Easy-to-use solution to visualize Big Data quickly and easily
  • Interactive dashboards that let users drill-down, in real-time, to ask questions and get answers
  • Simple, easy collaboration that lets users share findings with others as fast as they discover them

Ask and Answer Questions at the Speed of Thought
Analytic insights become game-changing decisions with the ability to uncover and communicate what the numbers say. Tableau’s live connector to Vertica provides a seamless path to conducting real-time visual analysis. With Vertica, data is optimized upon loading. No need to re-create data structures, no data silo explosion, and no questions about data timeliness. Just point Tableau at Vertica and go. Billions of rows of data delivered in real-time is a dream come true. Vertica makes this dream possible by providing real-time analysis and access to data, Tableau makes this possible by helping communicate the value of what the data says.

Tableau lets users work with their data, visually and interactively. With a click of a mouse, Tableau shows data in a way that makes sense, whether it’s a pie chart, a detailed map or anything in between. Tableau lets users interact with charts, reports and dashboards in real-time, answering questions about your Vertica data at the speed-of-thought.

The Power of Vertica & Tableau
The speed, scale and simplicity of Vertica enables our customers to answer key business decisions in near real time. Tableau offers the business intelligence solution(s) to display those answers in a visually stimulating way, providing true insights into data trends and patterns. When Tableau is running on Vertica, users can answer questions as fast as they can think of them. The power of Vertica & Tableau together is helping our customers analyze and use their data in ways that was never possible before.

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