Edgematics’ Business Intelligence Implementation Services cover all aspects of Data management, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management and Analytics. Our BI Services are designed to help customers create a closed-loop environment for their complete strategic business intelligence needs.

We optimize the client information collection, delivery and analysis processes by achieving profitable growth through better decisions based on relevant, timely and accurate information. Our certified consultants are equipped with an in depth product knowledge coupled with years of business experience gained through successive BI implementations. Their business acumen bridges the gap between technology and the real world business needs.

Edgematics’ implementation framework encapsulates the latest trends and tools in Business Intelligence that includes Integration with “real-time” operational systems via an Enterprise Data Integration Platform for improved operational visibility and automation, closed loop integration where analytics trigger automatic processes along with a universal user-friendly presentation layer.

Our vendor-independent methodology for BI implementation is an accumulation of experience, best practice and existing methodologies. It includes the following structured project phases with an iterative approach to validate results and ensure early business feedback and buy in.

Edgematics BI Methodology

At Edgematics, we have refined our delivery process through hundreds of projects, resulting in a proven BI methodology. Our extensive history with prestigious clients has forged best practices and innovative solutions, hence guiding our customers through any BI implementation successfully.


Project Initiation: Agrees and documents the scope, application and data landscape, executive sponsorship, project team roles & responsibilities, high-level project timeline in a project initiation document (PID).

Analysis: The most challenging part of any BI project, specifying the insightful questions that business executives need answers to, requires a structured and collaborative approach to elicit, including use of stakeholder workshops to storyboard key metrics and use of customizable project templates by business function and process.

Architecture: Specifies the technical architecture and environmental landscape for the solution.

Prototype Design, Build, Test, Validate: A key success factor to most projects is to prototype as early as possible a subset of KPIs across a well understood business process to get feedback and executive buy-in.

Implementation Design, Build, Test, Validate: Risk is reduced by breaking down the implementation into iterative steps for each functional area.

Deploy: Includes migration planning and go-live execution, support and maintenance documentation and user training.

Manage: After go-live, the solution will require support, maintenance and tuning to overcome any initial operational and user challenges. Further changes will be managed under normal change management processes or subsequent project roadmap phases. Edgematics can assist with ongoing maintenance either onshore or offshore.

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