Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Data is massively fragmented across operational and analytical systems both within the enterprise and increasingly beyond the enterprise (in the clouds and across partner networks). A significant part of all KTLO (keeping the lights on) relates to maintaining old applications, tracking data and ensuring interfaces between applications remain operational.

IT must provide timely, relevant and trustworthy data for businesses to survive and revive. IT often cannot deliver this data that is locked up in multiple systems.

The missing link is data. In other words, lack of timely, relevant and trustworthy data is a matter of life or death for the business. In other words, data integration has a greater sense of purpose and greater sense of urgency than ever.

The combination of Data Integration Platform and Visualisation tools enables our customers to lower the costs of data.

This includes:

  • Business costs by making the business more productive and enabling cloud economics
  • Labor costs for all aspects of the Data Integration lifecycle – thereby freeing up resources for other critical activities
  • Software costs through cost-effective scalability, grid processing and retirement of unwanted applications
  • Hardware costs across the IT environment by removing redundancy and unnecessary systems
  • Storage costs by shrinking the data footprint and reducing application and database bloat

All of these business imperatives are critical in driving competitive advantage. They all require access to data, movement and consolidation of data together with a fundamental understanding of the quality of data. The business expects IT to be aligned and to facilitate the execution of these business imperatives.

However, that data is spread across a complex IT environment – both within the firewall as well as outside. This data problem is simply getting worse every year as more and more data is fragmented further across the enterprise.

The big questions is: Can IT effectively deliver against these requirements and help the organization to efficiently deliver on the business imperatives?

Edgematics offers Data Integration platform and its suite of products to accomplish these objectives and goals. We have delivered on the top half of the Return on Data equation, with proven customer success increasing all eight dimensions of data value. Edgematics has also delivered on the bottom half of the Return on Data equation, with proven ability to lower costs for our customers.

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