Drive your business with Data - Cloudera Sessions Dubai

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Join us at Cloudera Sessions as like-minded data innovators from around Dubai come together for a comprehensive day of exploring the different stages of the data journey.

Whether you are trying to increase operational efficiencies, discover and automate analytics, or transform your industry through unique data applications, we will walk you through our first hand experience of helping organisations build a modern architecture in order to make analytics pervasive across their organisation.


Cloudera Sessions 2016 Dubai | 1st November 2016

Sofitel Palm
East Crescent Rd Palm Jumeirah
Dubai, United Arab Emirates



8:30AM - Breakfast in the partner pavilion

9:00AM - Keynote: Big Value with Big Data

10:00AM - Customer Case - Customer Insights

10:30AM - Advanced Analytics: Innovation Lab, A great answer to Big Data Question

10:50AM - Break

11:15AM - Customer Presentation - BT: BT's 5 year Big Data Journey

11:45AM - Presentation - Smart Cities

12:15PM - Microsoft Presentation

12:30PM - Lunch

1:00PM - Breakouts

4:00PM - Reception & Networking


Customers Using Edgematics' Solution