Big Data Search and Dexterity Platform

Surface hidden insights from across your business and beyond to unlock

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine, the leading unified information access platform, seamlessly indexes, joins and presents structured data (databases) and unstructured content (documents, SharePoint, web, email, etc.).

AIE eliminates information silos while enabling organizations to rapidly fulfill new informational needs. As a result, business users gain real-time business insights that help build revenue, cut costs and increase competitiveness — insights that might otherwise go undiscovered.

Attivio AIE provides an unprecedented level of business understanding and actionable insight, beyond what is possible using business intelligence/ data warehousing or enterprise search solutions alone. It empowers business users to easily access and analyze all relevant enterprise information to not only understand what is happening, but to also gain vital context to explain why it is happening. AIE supports the widest range of query options of any enterprise information platform, from simple Google-like keyword search to SQL queries and business intelligence tools.

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