We provide a best fit approach to establishing a scalable Information Management strategy.

Businesses today are challenged by information overload but most of the organization still struggle to get a ‘single version of truth’ or a ‘360 degree view of their business’ to help make better informed business decisions. Edgematics’ Business Intelligence Services provide a best fit approach to establishing a scalable BI and Data Warehousing strategy that consistently delivers timely, trustworthy and relevant data to drive business decisions across the enterprise.

Edgematics’ Business Intelligence Service Offerings covers the core data management segments such as Data Integration, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Analytics solutions.

Our BI Services start with business strategy & technology assessment to ensure the recommended solution fits your specific business requirements and supports your mission critical decision-making needs. So, whether you are just getting started with your BI project or you want to evaluate your existing infrastructure and consider your options, Edgematics can help ensure your success.

We recommend a strategy phase to lay out an information access road map which defines the build approach and implementation strategy in achieving business intelligence objectives. The roadmap drives the program through iterative deployment phases, providing milestone based rapid results. Our process focuses on constant involvement of users at every stage for successful adoption & acceptance.

Strategy Assessment

Our objective is to ensure that we assess the right solution for your Data Management needs. Edgematics offers consulting services for business and IT strategy along with the recommendation for the right tools and technologies. This vision and roadmap phase begins with defining high level objectives, business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). It includes a high-level architecture and phased implementation strategy read more

Architecture & Design

Edgematics’ Business Intelligence Architecture & Design Services builds upon the strategy assessment phase and ensures that the overall BI platform design meets business and technical objectives of our customers. read more


Edgematics’ offers implementation services that cover the core data management segments such as Data Integration, Information Lifecycle Management, Master Data Management, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Analytics solutions. read more

Data Governance

Edgematics’ Data Governance Model ensures prioritization of projects, architecture stewardship, data stewardship and business process change management to optimize the success of your BI solutions. read more

BI Migration Services

With experience gained from multiple customer engagements dealing with multiple incompatible BI tools and technologies, we have utilized our engineering acumen to produce migration tools that help to make these migrations easy and affordable. The migration accelerators that we have created so far are based on customer demand. Whether you are migrating the entire BI stack from the visualization layer to the back end with extensive changes to the data and data dictionary, or if you just want to migrate your dashboards and reports, the tool will ease your path to Tableau. read more

BI Adoption Services

Edgematics’ offers “ROBII” – that has helped many companies realign their BI investments, increase adoption and improve infrastructure performance by measuring the usage and performance of their BI tools, applications and reports. read more

Support Services

Edgematics’ offers various levels of BI Services to ensure the ongoing success and compliance of your BI solutions. Some of these include SLA-based Managed Services & Support, Monitoring & Audit, Performance Tuning and Upgrades & Migration read more

Training Services

Edgematics education services help develop greater employee productivity at every user level of your organization to increase efficiency and accelerate your return on investment. Edgematics offer different types of training services to address the specific needs of customers. read more

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