Talend’s mission is to connect the data-driven enterprise, so their customers can operate in real-time with new insight about their customers, markets and business. Founded in 2006, our global team of integration experts builds on open source innovation to create enterprise-ready solutions that help unlock business value more quickly.  By design, Talend integration software simplifies the development process, reduces the learning curve, and decreases total cost of ownership with a unified, open, and predictable cloud and on-premises platform.

Speed Implementation with a Unified Platform
One design console, one metadata set, one run-time environment, and one monitoring tool kit. Only Talend delivers a common set of powerful, easy-to-use tools for data integration, application integration, big data, master data management, data quality and business process management. With Talend, your team can shift effortlessly between real-time and batch integration whether in the cloud or on premises to meet different business requirements.

Expand Your Options with an Open Architecture
Talend’s open source products and open architecture create unmatched flexibility so you can solve integration challenges your way. Native code generators create optimized code in Java, SQL and the latest Hadoop languages. As a result, your integration jobs are out of the black box. You see it, edit it and run it where you need it without paying more.

Lower TCO with Predictable Costs
Talend subscription pricing comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional data management and integration solutions. An open, lightweight architecture leverages existing infrastructure and grows with new development for lower total cost of ownership (TCO). A cloud-based platform option provides instant, elastic and secure capacity at a subscription price. Keep cost in check with pricing based on developers, not the size of your data or the number of nodes in your cluster.


Edgematics’ Talend Competency Center

As a Middle East Value added reseller partner of Talend, Edgematics offers its customers a combination of high quality experienced resources with strong hands-on and in-depth competencies in Talend Toolset. These Talend Certified Professionals follow a sound and well-tested methodology to ensure excellence at every stage of the project as well as closing the gap between deliverables and customer expectations in minimum effort and time. Our resources are especially skilled with large size data and complex data modeling experience, combined with detailed documentation and knowledge transfer skills, which allows the customer to build its own competencies for continued development.

Edgematics has some of the most extensive practical and real experience in implementing software technology platform that supports complex extraction, transformation and loading of the data from ANY data source to any powerful engine, while in parallel ensuring Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management but also designing the Data Model, building the Data Warehouse and provide Business Intelligence Solutions.

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