Edgematics enterprise data integration and management solutions enable your organization to access, integrate, trust, and manage all your information assets. These solutions ensure that trustworthy, actionable, and authoritative data is available to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, minimize risk, and enhance your competitive advantage.
Edgematics provides focuses on technology that supports roles across both business and IT to ensure closer collaboration in handling all types of data-intensive projects. It is designed to work with all systems and processes that organizations have today, or may add in the future. It provides the critical capabilities to allow organizations to handle the volume, variety, and complexity of big data.
An Edgematics data management solution encompasses highly differentiated technologies that have been designed from the ground up to work together across the extended enterprise to turn data into trustworthy, actionable, and authoritative information assets.
Edgematics has some of the most extensive practical and real experience in implementing software technology platform that supports complex extraction, transformation and loading of the data from ANY data source to any powerful engine, while in parallel ensuring Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management but also designing the Data Model, building the Data Warehouse and provide Business Intelligence Solutions.

Customers Using Edgematics' Solution