Database Archiving

Database archiving solution enables your IT organization to move less frequently accessed data out of your production database and improve the application response time. This solution will relocate inactive data to another online database archive that maintains end-user access through the original application interface. Alternatively, the Edgematics solution for database archiving can also archive inactive data to a highly compressed, secure, immutable, easily accessible file format requiring lower storage and management resources.

Through an Edgematics Solution Live Data Archive engagement, you will be able to identify the high data growth application areas, define archive policies for each, relocate inactive data from the production database according to the newly established archive retention policies, and provide for business user access to the archived data.

We can also leverage on the Edgematics Solution ILM Application Accelerators available for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel to simplify the archiving process and quicken return on investment.

Customers Using Edgematics' Solution