Test Data Management

The Edgematics solution for test data management enables your IT organization to create functionally intact, secure test data subsets of database applications. IT organizations supporting database applications often make multiple copies of production environments for development, testing, and training. However, as production databases grow, so do the copies, eating up costly storage space and system resources and putting companies at risk for financial penalties due to data breaches. With the Edgematics solution for test data management, companies can avoid:

  • Excessive data management costs
  • Ineffective compliance with privacy regulations
  • Loss of reputation, customers, and revenues due to a data breach

The Edgematics Test Data Management engagement provides customers with an end to end solution for subsetting and securing their non-production application instances. Through this engagement, you will be able to identify high data growth application areas, profile your system and identify sensitive data elements throughout your databases, define subset criteria for each high growth area, create lean copies of production with full data and application integrity, learn to mask with pre-defined policies and rules, define a repeatable process for provisioning non-production environments, and masking each of those newly provisioned non-production application instances.

Customers Using Edgematics' Solution