Edgematics education services help develop greater employee productivity at every user level of your organization to increase efficiency and accelerate your return on investment.

Edgematics offer different types of training services to address the specific needs of customers. These include the following:

Standard Public Training
Regularly scheduled courses, based on structured content and methodology, are offered at our training centers. This type of training is ideal for complex topics and delegates can ask questions and learn from other users' experiences. Intense hands-on training ensures accelerated learning curves. These courses are taught by certified trainers with many years of teaching experience.

Customized Training
A tailored training program can be put together by Edgematics to addresses a client's specific business needs. This type of training is most effective when users are able to relate the technology to their jobs. Your company saves in travel costs and time spent away from the office. Attendees learn faster, because the course uses real data and scenarios from their jobs to meet specific skill needs. While the core product training covering the standard product functionality and content may still be included, the course may be adapted to a specific industry domain, or make use of customer centric data to address specific business requirements of a client.

Ad Hoc Training & Skills Transfer Program
For those customers who are do not need a comprehensive, structured training program, Edgematics can provide special training that may be in the form of a hands-on workshop, a functional overview session, a train-the-trainer program or a simple hand-holding session. Job-specific scenarios can be created your corporate data reflecting such things as corporate standards, regulations, and culture. We work closely with our clients to understand their training requirements and can put together a detailed training program suited to a specific business need.

The delivery of training services through our training business units are fully supported by our Quality Assurance and Project Management Centers of Excellence.

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